Musicians, Bands & Booking

Appetite for Booking:

Singer/Songwriters, Musicians and Bands performing Original Music

featuring Country, Southern Rock, Blues, Rockabilly, Bluegrass, Folk, and Jazz

Local, National & International

The Red Brick Tavern relies on the musicians to help make the booking worth our while (and yours too)

There is NO Built-in music draw.

Contact us for Booking:

The best way to contact us is through email at (@) gmail (.) com

Save your time and money and e-mail us.

Really – we’re not just saying that!

Unsolicited physical press kits end up in a big pile and we very rarely have time to check them all out. Press kits that are dropped off rather than mailed are even less likely to make it to the right place. It is much easier and less messy for us to check out a band online.

(Plus, your ability to follow our guidelines also goes a long way…)

In case you missed it previously:

The best way to contact us is through email at (@) gmail (.) com

Please send the following information:

  • Your Website and Social Media Links
  • Your Available Dates and/or Preferred Dates
  • Always include Your Complete Contact Information with any communication:
  • – Your Name, Your Position Within The Band Organization

    – Phone Number ,Your e-mail address(es)

    (If you normally book through a manager or agency, please include this contact info as well)

If you do mail us something, all materials submitted become the property of The Red Brick Tavern.

Accepting your demo does not constitute a guarantee or promise of return contact or actual bookings.

Please do NOT come to The Red Brick Tavern in person to discuss booking without having an appointment.

We are busy and this is an inconvenience in our too-short day. Please use the email! (@) gmail (.) com

If you’ve already submitted a package and wish to follow up, (yep, you probably guessed it) the best way to do so is to e-mail us. (@) gmail (.) com

E-mail is Our Friend... Our Really, Really Good Friend!

Radius Clause (aka 'The Necessary Evil'):

Our goal is

(and yours should be):

  • To put as many “Butts in the Seats” for Live Music and Special Events
  • Make New Fans for our Artists and for RBT
  • Let our Guests hear the songs you've written
  • Buy Your Merch,
  • Buy RBT Dinner, Drinks, & Merch AND Tip Our Waitstaff, etc (This keeps us in business)

    It's The Business Side of The Music Business!

Our typical Radius Clause is:

30 days front and back in a 30 mile radius

Are there Exceptions to a Radius Clause?

Well, of course there can be Exceptions. HOWEVER,

please make sure that WE communicate AND APPROVE any exceptions IN WRITING

so that we can all remain friends while doing business!

Typical Live music at rbt Schedule:

Monday Routing Date.....(No Cover Charge: Tips Only)

Tuesday Routing Date.....(No Cover Charge: Tips Only)

Wednesday Routing Date.....(No Cover Charge: Tips Only)

Thursday Songwriter Spotlight Hosted by Buck Yeager.....(No Cover Charge: Tips Only)

Friday Live Music

Saturday Live Music

Sunday AM: Gospel Sunday Brunch... Featuring Jim Sloan Gospel Band

Sunday PM: Subject to Availability

Live Music & Special Events Promotions:

The Red Brick Tavern promotes EVERY show and we like to work with Professionals who do the same.

Here are just some of the places you will find our Music & Event Calendar:

Website, Newspaper, ReverbNation, Chamber of Commerce, Social Media, etc

We can not stress enough that The Red Brick Tavern relies on the musicians to help make the booking worth our while

(and yours too)

There is NO "Built-In Music Draw" to speak of.

Stage Dimentions

Sound & Lights

Artists that play The Red Brick Tavern should plan on bringing Equipment, Sound, Lights and a Sound Engineer UNLESS otherwise negotiated at the time of contracting.

Seating & Occupancy:

Official Seating:

  • - Dining Area
  • - Cocktail Tables
  • - Bar
  • - Standing Room

Our Official Occupancy is 99 people.